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Here, all of your favorite Naruto characters come together to do something that any teenager that age would do...

...Complain and whine on livejournal!

Yes, in this community, LJ entries are written based on RPs and behind the scenes plot discussed by it's RPers.

The Journals. (though, if you didn't know about them, one would wonder how you got here.)
The RP Board.



Joining is easy! First, check the Character List. And then send an e-mail to saucekeh@hotmail.com, eeknowx@yahoo.com as well as kahbuutoe@gmail.com and include the following:

- Which character you'd like.

- A mock entry; PLEASE stay in character and write as best you can. We want to see who can fit intot heir role the best for each character. Also, keep in mind that we'd like something substantial; three lines just won't cut it.

- Contact info, such as AIM, MSN and e-mail.


- Character bashing is fine. Between the characters. Readers, don't be offended by anything the characters may say to you within the comments page of their entries. They're being IC, and if they go OOC, the moderators will be there to resolve the problem. This goes both ways; I don't want to see fights between the RPers and commenters.

- As much as I love FCs, none are welcome. To save everyone some confusion, it's best if we kept to cannon characters. I'm sorry!

- Most importantly: Dedicated RPers ONLY, please! If you don't think your'e going to have time for this RP, please don't apply. We require one post a week, at least.

- ...Don't make me make more rules?


Founder: saucekeh - saucekeh@hotmail.com

Moderator: eeknow - eeknowx@yahoo.com

Moderator: kahbuutoe - kahbuutoe@gmail.com

Readers! If you wish to just read up and keep up with all of the updates to LJ, add us to your friends list!

Ah.. I believe that's it. Have fun and enjoy the RP!